Thursday, December 30, 2010

Removing Driveway Stains

Driveway stains such as oil, for instance, can be a real eye sore. Not to mention the annoying threatening letters most of us get from our associations to remove them. If you have pavers, as a lot of us down in Florida do, this can be a problem because they are expensive to replace and almost impossible to replace. If you have concrete, then it really stands out.

I have found a solution and it actually works. The key is to try and catch it as soon as possible instead of letting it fester and to apply the right amount of ingredients to the formula I am about to give you.

First, puchase a bottle of TSP liquid from your local hardware store or Wal-Mart and a carton of talc. Mix the two together in a bucket, but be careful not to use too much TSP because you want to mix it into a paste and not have it come out too watery. Then apply directly the stain and let it dry. Afterwards, simply scrape off and sweep away.

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