Friday, October 29, 2010

Check Your Credit Report Florida

Like the commercials on TV always claim, your credit is indeed everything. Too many Americans take their credit for granted and simply ignore it, especially when they owe money to creditors and medical. They usually just hope that like everything else if you ignore it will eventually go away. But this is one crucial element of life that will haunt you if you do ignore it.

I recently took a couple out who were desperate for rental housing. I took chance knowing they had poor credit, but it was not until I ran it that I realized it was an abysmal 400+. After several offers nobody would take a chance on them even if they were willing to give full price and extra deposit.

The moral here is that credit doesn't apply to just buying a home, but to renting as well. Keep an eye on your credit each year. Afterall, it's free anyway. Go to and you can print up to three reports per year free. I am only an advocate of the sight because it works and is as advertised, unlike the others who offer free credit reports if you subscribe to their site. If you are unsure of a charge, simply dispute it. Until resolved, it will not count against you. If you find charges lingering that are not too bad, pay them off already, especially medical. Doctors and hospitals are the worse and they don't fool around when it comes to collecting. Always pay them first. Then work on credit cards, etc. Never let a credit card go to chargeoff status. It's the kiss of death.

You will find that if you keep in touch with these creditors and let them know that you are not going to stiff them they will work something out with you and all will be well in the long run. And always be honest with your agent. If you have poor credit, explain why. Chances are they can work with you with other documents such as reference letters from employers and landlords, paycheck stubs, and tax returns. Whatever you do just don't ignore it!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Know Your Rights As A South Florida Homeowner

The negative happenings in the real estate industry in South Florida never ceases to amaze me. It appears that scammers, grifters, con artists, whatever you want to call them, are gaining access to vacant homes, usually those in financial trouble, renting them to unsuspecting tenants, and pocketing the money.

Oh, but it gets better. The associations of these homes are aware of the fact, yet still continue to collect dues and not notify the actual owner! In certain instances these tenants are suing to stay in the property as well and the law is actually on their side. In this case the owner has to actually evict them because of squatters rights.

You really have to have a gifted mind to come up with a con like this. Imagine if all the grifters out there used their minds for all the right reasons instead of all the wrong what a wonderful place this might be. My advice is twofold; Owners of vacant property need to keep a constant eye on their homes. Second, tenants should always due their homework to make sure who is the legitimate owner of the property much like they do when investigating whether or not the owner is paying their mortgage.

I had a similar situation happen to me in South Carolina years ago. I was partners in a duplex in which my side was vacant and the other rented by my partner. I now lived in Florida and made it a point to check up on the property whenever in town and to my surprise when I got there on this particular occasion there was a whole family of squatters living in the house, with their furnishings. Of course, there was no power or water, but they didn't care. So, I threw them out on the spot and put the place up for sale immdiately. So, it does happen everywhere. Only difference here was they just broke in!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Corner Pembroke Pines, Florida Rental

Available for immediate rental at only $1400. per month in the lovley Boulevard Heights section of Pembroke Pines, FL.
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Morris Massre, PA, Fortune International Realty, Weston, Florida

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Good Realtor Is Hard To Find

I sometimes wonder if realtors really are a dying breed. In the old days before the internet people would always look for an excuse not to use an agent, but in the end always did. Today they don't even have to use an excuse. There is plenty of free help out there online and television on the nuances of selling or buying a home. And we do not help ourselves by giving anyone with a breath a license in a week. I can't think of any other business that does that. You should have to earn it and go through much more rigorous training. This will weed out the deadbeats.

Perhaps we are our own worst enemy too. Cutting commissions, shafting our brethren, seeking out shortcuts to get rich quick, breaking all the rules and laws, and so on. I liken this to when I was a kid. My parents were in retail and had lots of competition who were always doing the same exact things just mentioned. So my father took it upon himself to contact each of his competitors and offer a solution to the war. Why not everyone just carry the same items at the same price and let the customer decide for himself who he or she wants to buy from? This same philosophy can and should apply here. Yet it doesn't because everyone is looking out for him or herself.

If we band together and give the customer the service and attention they deserve they will stick with you. No need to sell yourself short. The more you do, the more respect you lose from the customer. Once the public realizes this, and they will, they will come back to using agents the way they used to. Afterall, how much attention can a computer give a customer? As far as customers are concerned, the only good a computer should do for them is give them information on all of the qualified agents in their area. If a client took the time to research who they are interviewing and eventually hiring they just might eliminate a lot of headache later on down the road. Anyone can claim they are a "specialist," but we all know that's just branding. Does the customer know that?