Friday, September 10, 2010

Is your short sale worth the price of an attorney?

Absolutely. For a what I consider a small fee you can rest assured that you are going to be protected from the bank's wrath. Besides, odds are the attorney will get most, if not all, of his fees from the bank anyway at closing. So why risk it? Cheap is expensive is the expression I use when looking to do something this complicated on your own or through a processor.
An attorney will stop the harassing calls, stall the foreclosure process, negotiate the best deal for you, work in all of the closing costs, maybe even prevent the bank from going after your personal assets.
I make it a point to work in conjunction with an real estate attorney with all of my listings as it brings my clients peace of mind and me control. Remember, I do not get paid until a transaction closes, so it is in my and my customer's best interest to make certain that we have the best representation possible on our side. Otherwise, what's the point of even trying if your chances are only 50/50? To win with the short sale process you need a tag team of professionals on your side and by doing so your chances of closing go up dramatically.

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