Thursday, December 30, 2010

Removing Driveway Stains

Driveway stains such as oil, for instance, can be a real eye sore. Not to mention the annoying threatening letters most of us get from our associations to remove them. If you have pavers, as a lot of us down in Florida do, this can be a problem because they are expensive to replace and almost impossible to replace. If you have concrete, then it really stands out.

I have found a solution and it actually works. The key is to try and catch it as soon as possible instead of letting it fester and to apply the right amount of ingredients to the formula I am about to give you.

First, puchase a bottle of TSP liquid from your local hardware store or Wal-Mart and a carton of talc. Mix the two together in a bucket, but be careful not to use too much TSP because you want to mix it into a paste and not have it come out too watery. Then apply directly the stain and let it dry. Afterwards, simply scrape off and sweep away.

Mortgage Rates Rising in Sluggish Market

"Mortgage rates for U.S. loans climbed to a seven-month high, increasing borrowing costs for homebuyers in a sluggish real estate market.
The average rate for a 30-year fixed loan rose to 4.86 percent in the week ended today from 4.81 percent, Freddie Mac said in a statement. The average 15-year rate advanced to 4.2 percent from 4.17 percent, the mortgage-finance company said.
Rising home loan rates may limit homebuyer demand as housing remains a weak link for the economy. Home prices in October fell 0.8 percent from a year earlier, the largest year- over-year decline since December 2009, the S&P/Case-Shiller index of property values showed this week.
“Optimism is fading from the housing market,” Robert Shiller, an economics professor at Yale University and co- creator of the index, said on Bloomberg Television on Dec. 28.
Sales of new and existing homes rose less than economists estimated in November even as mortgage rates sank to the lowest levels on record, reports from the Commerce Department and the National Association of Realtors showed last week.
Pending home sales climbed more than forecast in November, a sign demand is recovering following a post-tax credit plunge, according to a report from the Realtors group today. The data are based on contract signings, while existing-home sales represent closings.
The rate for a 30-year loan has climbed for six of the past seven weeks amid speculation that President Barack Obama’s agreement to a two-year tax cut extension will boost economic growth and inflation. The rise pushed the monthly cost of a $300,000 loan to $1,585 from $1,462.
Borrowing costs are still near historic lows. The 30-year fixed rate averaged about 4.7 percent in 2010, the lowest on an annual basis since 1955, Frank Nothaft, Freddie Mac’s chief economist, said in a statement today."
To contact the reporter on this story: Prashant Gopal in New York at

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Giving Back To The Troops

I recently found a fantastic way of giving back to our troops overseas. And the best part is that it doesn't cost anyone a thing. General Motors is sponsoring a program where you can donate your used cell phone in exchange for a soldier receiving a free 60 minute calling card. Go to the following website and print out a free postage page label to send. I am sure they will appreciate it, especially now. Besides, it's the right thing to do.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pembroke Falls of Pembroke Pines, FL 180 Day Update

With all of the recent problems in the local real estate market in South Florida, it appears that Pembroke Falls is not as bad as you think. Although not immune to the chaos, it is still Pembroke Pine's premiere community.

In the past 180 days, 21 homes have gone on the market ranging from a $699K 5/5 to a 289.900. 3/2.5. Of those 21, seven are short sales and only one an REO.

In the same time period, 15 homes have closed ranging from $255K on the low end to $450K on the high end. That is slightly troubling, especially given the fact that six of those were REO's and two short sales.

And finally, there are currently 8 pending homes in Pembroke Falls ranging from a $219K 4/3 to a $500K 5/4. Of those eight, three are short sales and only one an REO.

Essentially, almost half of all sales and actives in Pembroke Falls in the last six months have been either a short sale or REO. Even though that sounds bad, given the grand scheme of things today in the area, it could be a lot worse. Prices are still better than they were in 1997 when the project started, which means that we haven't dipped below the mendoza line like a lot of the others in the area. It's still a nice place to live and raise a family at a reasonable price. And the area offers so much to do with it's close proximity to Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, Florida.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Townhouse For Sale in Pembroke Pines, Florida

Calling all buyers who want to live in Broward's second largest city, Pembroke Pines, Florida. Located just 15 minutes from downtown Ft. Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines offers a wealth of lovely homes to choose from. I am offering this lovely 3/3 townhouse in Walnut Creek for $219,900. in a short sale, so feel free to make an offer.
Contact me at 954-214-6014 for additional information on the short sale process or visit my website at
Community offers a variety of amenities including spacious pool with spa, tennis courts, playground, and lovely clubhouse with gym. Who wouldn't want to come home to this?
Brought to you by Morris Massre, Fortune International Realty, Weston, Florida

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Buy This Pembroke Pines Short Sale Now!

Single family, corner 2/2 short sale on the market for sale at only $129,900.! Located in the lovely Sunswept neighborhood of Pembroke Pines, this homes features lots of upgrades, including tile and laminate floors throughout, remodeled kitchen with granite counters and stainless steel appliances, large family room, formal dining area, large storage shed, fenced-in back yard, circular, brick pavered driveway, one car garage, and bonus room.

Contact me at 954-214-6014 or at to view or make an offer. Great house for living or investment for rental. Will be happy to send video of home to all interested buyers. This is a run, don't walk, type of deal.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Check Your Credit Report Florida

Like the commercials on TV always claim, your credit is indeed everything. Too many Americans take their credit for granted and simply ignore it, especially when they owe money to creditors and medical. They usually just hope that like everything else if you ignore it will eventually go away. But this is one crucial element of life that will haunt you if you do ignore it.

I recently took a couple out who were desperate for rental housing. I took chance knowing they had poor credit, but it was not until I ran it that I realized it was an abysmal 400+. After several offers nobody would take a chance on them even if they were willing to give full price and extra deposit.

The moral here is that credit doesn't apply to just buying a home, but to renting as well. Keep an eye on your credit each year. Afterall, it's free anyway. Go to and you can print up to three reports per year free. I am only an advocate of the sight because it works and is as advertised, unlike the others who offer free credit reports if you subscribe to their site. If you are unsure of a charge, simply dispute it. Until resolved, it will not count against you. If you find charges lingering that are not too bad, pay them off already, especially medical. Doctors and hospitals are the worse and they don't fool around when it comes to collecting. Always pay them first. Then work on credit cards, etc. Never let a credit card go to chargeoff status. It's the kiss of death.

You will find that if you keep in touch with these creditors and let them know that you are not going to stiff them they will work something out with you and all will be well in the long run. And always be honest with your agent. If you have poor credit, explain why. Chances are they can work with you with other documents such as reference letters from employers and landlords, paycheck stubs, and tax returns. Whatever you do just don't ignore it!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Know Your Rights As A South Florida Homeowner

The negative happenings in the real estate industry in South Florida never ceases to amaze me. It appears that scammers, grifters, con artists, whatever you want to call them, are gaining access to vacant homes, usually those in financial trouble, renting them to unsuspecting tenants, and pocketing the money.

Oh, but it gets better. The associations of these homes are aware of the fact, yet still continue to collect dues and not notify the actual owner! In certain instances these tenants are suing to stay in the property as well and the law is actually on their side. In this case the owner has to actually evict them because of squatters rights.

You really have to have a gifted mind to come up with a con like this. Imagine if all the grifters out there used their minds for all the right reasons instead of all the wrong what a wonderful place this might be. My advice is twofold; Owners of vacant property need to keep a constant eye on their homes. Second, tenants should always due their homework to make sure who is the legitimate owner of the property much like they do when investigating whether or not the owner is paying their mortgage.

I had a similar situation happen to me in South Carolina years ago. I was partners in a duplex in which my side was vacant and the other rented by my partner. I now lived in Florida and made it a point to check up on the property whenever in town and to my surprise when I got there on this particular occasion there was a whole family of squatters living in the house, with their furnishings. Of course, there was no power or water, but they didn't care. So, I threw them out on the spot and put the place up for sale immdiately. So, it does happen everywhere. Only difference here was they just broke in!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Corner Pembroke Pines, Florida Rental

Available for immediate rental at only $1400. per month in the lovley Boulevard Heights section of Pembroke Pines, FL.
Boast corner location with close proximity to all shopping and schools, terrazzo floors throughout, all appliances, & spacious yard.
For more information on this property, to view, or for more listings like this contact me at or visit my website at
I will email listings to you directly at no charge! Attention Landlords: This could be your property advertised. Contact me for more information on tax deduction and property management.
Morris Massre, PA, Fortune International Realty, Weston, Florida

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Good Realtor Is Hard To Find

I sometimes wonder if realtors really are a dying breed. In the old days before the internet people would always look for an excuse not to use an agent, but in the end always did. Today they don't even have to use an excuse. There is plenty of free help out there online and television on the nuances of selling or buying a home. And we do not help ourselves by giving anyone with a breath a license in a week. I can't think of any other business that does that. You should have to earn it and go through much more rigorous training. This will weed out the deadbeats.

Perhaps we are our own worst enemy too. Cutting commissions, shafting our brethren, seeking out shortcuts to get rich quick, breaking all the rules and laws, and so on. I liken this to when I was a kid. My parents were in retail and had lots of competition who were always doing the same exact things just mentioned. So my father took it upon himself to contact each of his competitors and offer a solution to the war. Why not everyone just carry the same items at the same price and let the customer decide for himself who he or she wants to buy from? This same philosophy can and should apply here. Yet it doesn't because everyone is looking out for him or herself.

If we band together and give the customer the service and attention they deserve they will stick with you. No need to sell yourself short. The more you do, the more respect you lose from the customer. Once the public realizes this, and they will, they will come back to using agents the way they used to. Afterall, how much attention can a computer give a customer? As far as customers are concerned, the only good a computer should do for them is give them information on all of the qualified agents in their area. If a client took the time to research who they are interviewing and eventually hiring they just might eliminate a lot of headache later on down the road. Anyone can claim they are a "specialist," but we all know that's just branding. Does the customer know that?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Realtor's Best Friend, Velma Hart

I never thought I would see the day when someone actually stood up to the President and gave him a piece of her mind the way I saw Velma Hart do today. Without an ounce of disrespect and all of the chutzpah of a parent scolding a child Ms. Hart did today what nobody else has the guts to do, and that is to call out the president.
It wasn't so much what she said as it was the way in which she said it. Her delivery was clear and concise without a hint of hesitation. This was clearly well thought out and delivered wihout incident. Surely the President must have been caught completely off guard by this lambasting, but he did not show it. His answer, however, was lame and generic.
This woman was clearly disgusted with the way things are going economically in this country and now has regrets about her vote. Republicans must be jumping for joy right now. Watch the video...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Is your short sale worth the price of an attorney?

Absolutely. For a what I consider a small fee you can rest assured that you are going to be protected from the bank's wrath. Besides, odds are the attorney will get most, if not all, of his fees from the bank anyway at closing. So why risk it? Cheap is expensive is the expression I use when looking to do something this complicated on your own or through a processor.
An attorney will stop the harassing calls, stall the foreclosure process, negotiate the best deal for you, work in all of the closing costs, maybe even prevent the bank from going after your personal assets.
I make it a point to work in conjunction with an real estate attorney with all of my listings as it brings my clients peace of mind and me control. Remember, I do not get paid until a transaction closes, so it is in my and my customer's best interest to make certain that we have the best representation possible on our side. Otherwise, what's the point of even trying if your chances are only 50/50? To win with the short sale process you need a tag team of professionals on your side and by doing so your chances of closing go up dramatically.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rental in Davie, FL

Available for immediate occupancy is this lovely and completely remodeled 3/2.5 townhouse in Willow Grove. Boasts close proximity to Nova Southeastern & a pool literally within walking distance of home. Second floor is dedicated entirely to master bedroom & includes dual walk-in closets. Take advantage of this Key West style rental or many others like it by contacting me and I will be happy to send you over more info via email.

Morris Massre offers top notch real estate services

When your real estate services are free..

it's very easy for a buyer to take your efforts as a realtor for granted & not value your time or efforts. But I guarantee you that if the industry started charging by the hour for their services if a buyer abandoned ship attitudes would change drastically. In this day and age with all of the internet shopping it's easy for someone to drop you if something interesting comes along. So, how do you keep those you are working with loyal? Not as easy as it used to be for certain, but I have found that if you provide them with good, caring service & stay communicative at all times you have a better shot.

I am feeling the pinch as much as anyone else when it comes to this, but four years plus into this recession and I'm still in the office plugging away and on the street conducting open houses. You cannot lose interest or the will to move on to new things. The industry has changed so much since I entered in 1997 that whatever methods I was using just five years ago are now out the window. The world of real estate has become very impersonal and almost soley reliant on the web that buyers have come to the conclusion that maybe they don't need us any more. Why not use the social media to your advantage by embracing the new era of social media and topping it off with a heaping tablespoon of first class service?

I like to tell my customers that you can always go to Home Depot for a special screw that might fit your hurricane shutters because it is supposedly cheaper, but in the end you spend an hour looking for it , finding a parking space, waiting in line to pay for it, and probably coming back because you got the wrong one. Or, you can go to the local Ace hardware store, pay a little more, but get out of there from park to finish in minutes because a helpful and informative salesman guided you from the instant you walked through the door. I am the Ace guy and that is what you all have to be. Volume sales worked in the heydey. Who cared if the customer came back or not. There was always another waiting around the corner. If that is your attitude today you are in for a rude awakening. Gain your customer loyalty by being a caring friend and going the extra mile and your chances of keeping them will improve, sending them an email with a listing attached and your're probably going to lose them.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Broward County Florida Rentals

Available immediately; Davie, Florida 3/2.5 townhouse with garage for rent at $1900. per month. Great little community with pool and close proximity to Nova Southeastern University and Turnpike. Gorgeous unit has been completely remodeled. Great location for students.
Also have available a 3/2 single family home in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Needs no association approval and boasts large yard with patio in front & back, terrazzo floors throughout, laundry room, new paint and blinds, and all appliances. For more info or to view contact me at 954-214-6014. For now, feel free to view my link to YouTube for short video of property or just peruse the photos. Thanks, Morris Massre, PA, Fortune International Realty.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Miami's Icon Brickell A Site To Behold

As an agent for Fortune International Realty I am proud and very pleased to announce that we have been hired as the exclusive agents for the lovely Icon Brickell condos. Located on the prestigious Brickell Ave. of Miami, the Icon boasts an array of incredible amenities, including a spa, movie theatre, chess room, enormous pool with cabanas, cafe, gym, spinning, & pilates to name a few.
Beginning on June 1 we will be releasing new prices for the Icon at half off of the builder's original prices for the remaining units that are available. This is not only a beautiful and prestigious address for a primary homeowner, but an incredible investment for those looking to lease.
Contact me for more info on the 1st for prices or beforehand for additional info or to get on my priority sales list.
In the meantime, feel free to view photos I have taken.